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To any of you who have previously read my blog, you may have noticed that I do not blog very often, but when I do, it’s usually due to some crazy realization, experience, or video which has excited me enough that I feel I MUST share it with as many people as possible. I have just been blown away. This time by Art Copy & Code

This blog’s recommended video for your viewing pleasure is on this website below and titled “Watch the Art Copy & Code Film”. You may have to view this from a computer (versus your mobile).


Art Copy Code is a new ad firm which has Google written all over it. …In other words, it’s impressive.

Are you as impressed? Let me know!


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It’s an obnoxiously gloomy day here in NYC. The cold has set in. Wind is making the cold worse. And we are just waiting for this Nor’easter to strike our already vulnerable shores. I’ve snuggled up with my computer and a mug of tea to watch the British Antiques Road Show and try to catch up on my long list of online “to-dos”. Realizing I haven’t watched a TED video since before my travels in September, I popped over to ted.com & found this. …Thank you, TED, you’ve opened my eyes once again. Watch the video, and below I have the link to her organization if you want to learn more.

Nancy Lublin and her organization: http://www.dosomething.org/

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