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Meryl Streep, Nicolas Cage. Well, you should be able to figure that a movie is going to be, if nothing else, interesting off of that combo. In this case, the movie is more than interesting. At many times it’s just straight up bizarre. I already feel as though I need to spend another hour and a half to re-watch the movie-in hopes a lovely moral will trickle down and out of the sifting pan. For now, I really don’t know what exactly I was suppose to get out of that. Despite all of that though, I would tell a person that they should watch the film.

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New Home

This entire week has been dedicated to house renovations…. it’s insane what you can do to make a hundred plus year old apartment look like it was built a few years ago.

I wish there were a dead solution for the bug problem- terminex will be paying a visit shortly…

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Gad, Nicole Kidman is amazing. and the movie Australia is equally awesome, but a warning of the length. The scenery is delicious, and the plot is full of surprises…and the best part, you learn a bit.

500 days of summer, I think everyone should watch it. Zooey is simply swimming in it.

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Wake up, help dad. File paper for a couple hours, eat late lunch with dad at a great place called Farm Burger in Decatur, get yogurt at the Tap after wards, sleep, and walk around Stone Mountain.  Anyone ever seen Babylon A.D? Watching it now… it has good fighting in it at least.

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Darjeeling Limited

Allow me to tell you how much I love Wes Anderson.

1. His movies are always incredibly stylized, but unique and interesting.

2. He works with awesome actors- always.

2.5. He knows how to successfully get across humor, sadness, and a moral.

3. I would probably faint if I was ever able to act/be a part of one of his films.

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The previously thought extinct whooping cough has struck Californians, and has already killed 7 infants. Questions about what parents should be guarding their children from in terms of vaccination arise, as susceptibility among infants is greatest– http://n.pr/cPNeHK.

I personally had a chronic cough when I was younger (nothing deadly) and I know how much that sucked, but my hippie minded parents still wanted to make sure I had all of the shots I needed to stay healthy- and ALIVE.

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Life of the Summer

Life is currently grand, I eat, I sleep, I watch Lynda.com tutorials, I build fun things in Adobe programs (which a couple months ago I would NEVER have thought I could), I find fun new computer places and things to do, such as WordPress, and I act in student films. Life is going well, very very well.

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