A Day in the Burg

Maxine MargoI had a beautiful day today. Got to see the lovely Maxine Margo at Bbox (see photo of Maxine in the BBOX studio), and had a lovely dinner with my friend Oliver (see the guy with the hood standing with myself and Sessa in front of her awesome visual art at a show this past weekend in Dumbo, Brooklyn).Sessa Lund Art Work

All around, a most productive day (see photo below of me,

happy and goofy from today’s productivity and happiness).Abba Carmichael

I will now share a lovely quote to ensure total fulfilled-ness on this lovely day.

Please click on the link below and listen to “dinner”
Louis Jenkins

April 15, 2012

Had such an incredible experience learning from actor Matthew Lillard yesterday. Major props to Animus Theatre for organizing the wonderful workshop – I look forward to many more!

Wonderful lessons learned:

Use Fuck and other awesome words to get yourself PUMPED.

Don’t give away pancakes (excessive hand gestures that disperse your energy) put it in your voice.

Everything boils down to wanting to fuck, or wanting to kill.

Finding your dance of love is useful.

“Let it be this time” warm up is an incredible tool.

Actors are like antelope on the Serengeti trying not to get attached by Cheetahs.

& Great actors can rock performing the Maids.

Jess and I super pumped after the workshop and headed off to Central Park and a fun dinner at Vintage.


If you want to hear more about the workshop, message me or comment below! And learn more about Animus at Animustheatre.org

Tea & Fracking

Martha Francis and I have a lovely lunch at Alice’s Tea Cup in UES, and Marilyn Ellie on The Many Shades of Green chatting with Maxine Margo about the dangers of the Indian Point power plant and how effects of fracking!




My first trip to Roosevelt Island via the sky tram

Poolside Fun

April 4, 2012

Livin it up poolside at Ti.


Viva Las Vegas!

April 5, 2012
At Caesars Palace after seeing Absinthe, the show- which was amazing!



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