Viva Las Vegas!

April 5, 2012
At Caesars Palace after seeing Absinthe, the show- which was amazing!



Route 1

April 2, 2012
Pacific Costal Highway ride.
Malibu, up and down the mountainside, Santa Barbra, and a stop in Ventura, CA for delicious burger at Winchesters for dinner.


March 31, 2012
My first Ferris Wheel ride, EVER, at the Santa Monica Pier.



March 30, 2010


At the Grove in LA


A picture a day…

Experiment. For me (and likely others) our experiences, who we are with, what we share, and from those, what we learn, make up a pretty decent definition/practice of living a full life. In order to better reflect and learn as I age I would like a way to quickly document each day.
If you asked me what I was up to a year, month, or week ago I likely couldn’t tell you. So, my experiment. If I post a picture a day, will I be able to use the image to recall what I did, how I felt, and what I learned? Then though reflection, live a fuller life?
Maybe. So I guess it’s worth a try. If only as a exercise of documentation.


Deplane in Las Vegas, the city of Elvis, gambling, prostitution, … general debauchery, and just past the slot machines, I am informed, via an indoor wall billboard, that the Vegas airport has recycling. Wow. The City of Sin has their act together when it comes to recycling, but the City of Opportunity, what many call the greatest city in the world, NYC, can’t get their s$!& together, or should I say, separated, enough to have recycling in our subways, airport, even in our Mecca, Times Square.
I wonder what initiatives it took for Vegas to get recycling… Maybe a few thousand of the millions of New Yorkers could do the same.



Where I’m going

I’m sitting by the river, on the same bench, where I first fell in love with my new home. I get goosebumps thinking about six months ago… And how I had no idea all the exciting things in store for me. I knew that I wanted to experience something new and potentially scary, and decided that three days after graduating I was going to pick up and move to New York City.

After my first week of staying with a dear friend and acclimating to my new surroundings, I wandered around Williamsburg, homeless, waiting for a newly made friend to get off work so I could crash at their place for the night, when I, only by happenstance, followed a gut feeling, and stumbled upon the park down N6. I sat down on a bench, and for hours watched the lights on the tops of the buildings dance and sing to one another. That’s when I knew. I was in a new world, with millions of people, and millions of new opportunities. I’d gone to as far a new and scary land I could reach.

Opportunities have presented themselves above and beyond anything I ever imagined. I’ve done smart things, and I’ve done really stupid things in my journey thus far, but I have one over arching goal: To have a really great story in the end.

So, whether it’s smart or stupid choices, so long as I am happy within my story, I’m going to keep exploring.

I double dog dare ya to do the same.

Tibet? Huh.

An article this morning on the BBC’s homepage to its iPhone app. triggered my curiosity. I’m familiar with the “free Tibet” slogan, I know a bit about Buddhism and that I’m told Chinese government is very anti their religion, but how much do I really know? …not a whole lot.


If your interest is sparked here are a few interesting links I have found on Tibet:

Article on Reuters

View On Buddhism

Free Tibet

BBC Religions Page

Planet Awesome

Flying over the Arctic Circle Summer '08

I never saw the film March of the Penguins, but as I watch the “Arctic Worlds” episode in the incredible BBC Planet Earth series  I am inspired by Penguins’ social personalities and across the various episodes like “Caves”, “Ocean Deep”, and “Rivers”, the earths beauty and adaptability astounds me. The past couple months have offered marathons of the episodes on channels GPB, Animal Planet, & Planet Green. I’ve watched nearly every episode at this point, and the best part is finding more and more of my friends are just as obsessed!

The Planet Earth channel has done a cleaver thing I didn’t see on other marathons with the commercial breaks. They have behind the scenes bits that show what the camera men endured filming the frequently “caught on camera for the first time” footage such as the year of time spent shooting in the freezing arctic -100 degree weather to catch the penguins huddling and rotating in their circles to ensure that every penguin gets fair time in the heated center as these males carry their unhatched young under their bellys’ fat.

Watching the polar bears struggle to reach solid ice in order to hunt, forces the reality of our warming world, and is disgustingly sad. If penguins, which are not the highest of intelligence, have figured out in fatal conditions that it takes sharing and cooperation to survive, what terrible conditions will it take for us to make the same realization?

And in short, if you haven’t seen the 5 years in the making, Emmy Award winning incredible series Planet Earth, get to it!

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