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An incredible last Saturday (for the next three months) in New York.

Woke up. Showered. Cooked some eggs. Met up with Natalie. Decided the day’s game plan of going to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and then to a star gazing event under the Brooklyn Bridge. Headed to Brooklyn.

Arriving with Natalie at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Arrived in Brooklyn. Found the Botanical Gardens. LOVED the Gardens- we saw the rose garden, Japanese garden, this huge field of grass which we laid in and listened to the solar powered chime-like thingys. Called our mutual best girl friend who proceeded to ask us to be her bridesmaids in her wedding! Wandered through the gardens a bit more then went to the Brooklyn Museum where we listened to live music.

So excited!!!

Decided to walk the mile and a half to the bridge, along the way discovering a Lebanese street fair where we enjoyed fresh food, live music, dancing, and saw Miss Lebanese Immigrant USA (yeahh buddy).

Enjoying the festivities at the Lebanese street fair

After dancing with fantastic people,

Miss Lebanese Immigrant USA

we left the party to go to the Brooklyn Bridge world science fair for star gazing. At the science fair we listened to scientist and astronomers talk about the galaxy, the search for to find other inhabitable planets, and black holes (awesomeness) and we saw Saturn (SOO bright).

Fixin to star gaze under the Brooklyn Bridge

Saturn under the Brooklyn Bridge

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Today, according to this Facebook event 726 people pledged to write a letter. Yes, a hand written, delivered by the United States Post Office letter. (See picture)

Writing letters is not unfamiliar to me. I had a pen pal during high school, and I’ve kept up with several friends from various stages of my college career through letter writing over the past 4 years, and have every intention of continuing.

If you are interested in taking part in the next Write a Letter event, there appears to be one planned already for October 15. Find out more here.

And if you hurry, you can still write a letter and get it picked up tomorrow when many of today’s letters are picked up!

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I’m sitting by the river, on the same bench, where I first fell in love with my new home. I get goosebumps thinking about six months ago… And how I had no idea all the exciting things in store for me. I knew that I wanted to experience something new and potentially scary, and decided that three days after graduating I was going to pick up and move to New York City.

After my first week of staying with a dear friend and acclimating to my new surroundings, I wandered around Williamsburg, homeless, waiting for a newly made friend to get off work so I could crash at their place for the night, when I, only by happenstance, followed a gut feeling, and stumbled upon the park down N6. I sat down on a bench, and for hours watched the lights on the tops of the buildings dance and sing to one another. That’s when I knew. I was in a new world, with millions of people, and millions of new opportunities. I’d gone to as far a new and scary land I could reach.

Opportunities have presented themselves above and beyond anything I ever imagined. I’ve done smart things, and I’ve done really stupid things in my journey thus far, but I have one over arching goal: To have a really great story in the end.

So, whether it’s smart or stupid choices, so long as I am happy within my story, I’m going to keep exploring.

I double dog dare ya to do the same.

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Anjie Cho was on Bbox’s show The Many Shades of Green today discussing some amazing topics- from green buildings that are LEED certified to her Feng Shui practice.

Anjie suggests that achieving good Feng Shui and attaining positive chi can mean different things to different people, so in her search to gain good chi she was given advice by her professor to do one positive thing a day. Anjie now opens doors for as many people as possible each day.

What could you add to your life to add more “green chi?”

Look out for her recording on Bbox’s website http://www.bboxradio.com

Learn more about her below:

Anjie Cho is founder of Holistic Spaces, a practice focusing on
creating interiors with a focus on holistic design.  She creates and
enhances balance and harmony in her clients’ lives by designing spaces

with an understanding of sustainability and informed by the ancient

practice of Feng Shui.  Feng Shui focuses on changing the flow of chi,
the vital life force in humans and nature, to improve and transform
lives.  Her approach is inspired and integrative, functional and

intuitive, and kindles environmental and personal healing through

adjustments in your home and office.

Community and sustainability also deeply influence Anjie’s design.
She currently manages EcoBizNYC, a program of the Lower East Side
Ecology Center.  EcoBizNYC seeks to help small businesses, students,
and the general public to actively reduce air pollution, carbon
emissions and airborne environmental health hazards in NYC through
environmental auditing, education, and action.

Anjie is a registered New York State Architect, LEED Accredited
Professional, and practices BTB Feng Shui.  She received her formal
architectural training in the College of Environmental Design at the
University of California at Berkeley.  With over a decade of
experience, Anjie has designed high end residential and commercial
space throughout New York City, the Tri-State area, San Francisco and
Los Angeles.

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