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I’m sitting by the river, on the same bench, where I first fell in love with my new home. I get goosebumps thinking about six months ago… And how I had no idea all the exciting things in store for me. I knew that I wanted to experience something new and potentially scary, and decided that three days after graduating I was going to pick up and move to New York City.

After my first week of staying with a dear friend and acclimating to my new surroundings, I wandered around Williamsburg, homeless, waiting for a newly made friend to get off work so I could crash at their place for the night, when I, only by happenstance, followed a gut feeling, and stumbled upon the park down N6. I sat down on a bench, and for hours watched the lights on the tops of the buildings dance and sing to one another. That’s when I knew. I was in a new world, with millions of people, and millions of new opportunities. I’d gone to as far a new and scary land I could reach.

Opportunities have presented themselves above and beyond anything I ever imagined. I’ve done smart things, and I’ve done really stupid things in my journey thus far, but I have one over arching goal: To have a really great story in the end.

So, whether it’s smart or stupid choices, so long as I am happy within my story, I’m going to keep exploring.

I double dog dare ya to do the same.

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