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Flying over the Arctic Circle Summer '08

I never saw the film March of the Penguins, but as I watch the “Arctic Worlds” episode in the incredible BBC Planet Earth series  I am inspired by Penguins’ social personalities and across the various episodes like “Caves”, “Ocean Deep”, and “Rivers”, the earths beauty and adaptability astounds me. The past couple months have offered marathons of the episodes on channels GPB, Animal Planet, & Planet Green. I’ve watched nearly every episode at this point, and the best part is finding more and more of my friends are just as obsessed!

The Planet Earth channel has done a cleaver thing I didn’t see on other marathons with the commercial breaks. They have behind the scenes bits that show what the camera men endured filming the frequently “caught on camera for the first time” footage such as the year of time spent shooting in the freezing arctic -100 degree weather to catch the penguins huddling and rotating in their circles to ensure that every penguin gets fair time in the heated center as these males carry their unhatched young under their bellys’ fat.

Watching the polar bears struggle to reach solid ice in order to hunt, forces the reality of our warming world, and is disgustingly sad. If penguins, which are not the highest of intelligence, have figured out in fatal conditions that it takes sharing and cooperation to survive, what terrible conditions will it take for us to make the same realization?

And in short, if you haven’t seen the 5 years in the making, Emmy Award winning incredible series Planet Earth, get to it!

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